These Places Are Better To Avoid During New Normal
18 August 2020

During this new normal, it does not mean that you are safe from coronavirus. Unless you have urgent and very important matter or business, it is better for you to stay at home.

Many experts said that several places have a high risk of the COVID-19 spread. What are they? These are five places you better avoid in this new normal.

    1. Restaurants and Bars

After a few months of quarantine, you definitely want to meet up with your best friends over food or coffee, don’t you? Unfortunately, restaurants, cafes, and bars have a high risk for coronavirus spread. At those places, the virus will spread much faster because of the poor air circulation in closed rooms and there are many people in one place.

If you really have to go and eat outside, you have to be extra careful and stick to health protocol. Pick a place with few customers, do physical distancing, and make sure every cutlery that you’ll use are clean.

    2. Malls

Shopping malls have reopened, but that doesn't mean you are safe to go there.

You should hold back the urge to go to the mall because same like restaurants and bars, it’s the place with so many people. Not only they have limited air circulation, things like elevators, door handles, and the stuffs being sold has been touched by many people and it can be a virus carrier.

If you really need to go to one for an important reason, don't forget to use your face mask and always bring your hand sanitizer. But still, there are many ways to shop from home via online, and please consider that option.

    3. Supermarkets

Just like malls, supermarkets have all the same reasons for being a place with high risks of transmitting COVID-19.

If you really have to go to the supermarket, it’s better for you to make a shopping list so you’ll know what to find and what to buy once you are there. In that way, you can limit your time to be at the supermarket and finish as fast as possible. Also, don’t forget to always use your mask.

    4. Stadium and Indoor Gym

Another place that you need to avoid is the stadium and indoor gym. In this new normal, some stadiums and gyms have reopened and allowed people to go inside and do some exercise. Although it’s open, it’s still better for you to exercise and workout at home. Besides being more safe, exercising at home can save time and money. There are many tutorials for exercising at home that you can find on Youtube or in various workout apps, you can choose the ones that suits your mood and your style.

Those are the places that’s better for you to avoid during this new normal. However, stay motivated and do your daily activities with enthusiasm! Don't forget to use POSH Perfumed Body Spray Wishes, which can make your body smell good and super fresh. The fragrance will make you always happy while doing activities every day. Let’s Make Your Move. It’s Now or Never!