Three Ways of Self Care so that Moms can be Free from Stress and be More Productive
10 March 2022

Do you often feel tired and cranky for no clear reason? Moms, maybe you are feeling stressed, exhausted, or need to do self-care for a while. Self-care is essential for everyone, including mothers who have a bunch of activities like us. Moms, it's something natural if we need a moment to take a break from all the routines to enjoy the moment or do anything we like. So, your burdens will be reduced and your body becomes not easily to get tired, stressed, or weary, so that you can carry out activities more productively. The simple way of self-care Moms can do, of course, will make us active again in carrying out activities at home. Come on, let's check these 3 ways of anti-stress self-care to help us be more productive:

1. Live a healthy life with exercise

Self-care can start a healthy lifestyle, it is because by maintaining a healthy lifestyle a positive mind can be created.  One way of it is to do exercise. Exercise is an important activity because it can increase endorphins so that moms will feel happier, fresher, and more enthusiastic to carry out activities. Well, to start, you can begin with the lightest exercise, such as yoga, leisurely walks, cycling, or jogging. Do these activities at least three times a week, Mom, so that your body will be healthy and your mind will be fresh again. 

2. Communicate with Others 

Sometimes stress happens when you do the same routine activities over and over and as a result, you have less time to communicate/socialize with other people. Especially during a pandemic period like this, interacting directly with relatives, friends, and best friends is hampered. Well, the alternative way that you can do to overcome it is by communicating directly with other people virtually. You can use video calls to connect with people or even just to say hello by phone. For sure, after hearing the closest people's voices, and sharing stories or worries, your stress will certainly be reduced :)

Ciptadent itself initiates to continue to support mothers so they will not feel alone when encountering various challenges through the #BeStrongTogether movement. By facing various challenges, especially in this pandemic condition together, all burdens will be lighter and you don't have to carry them alone. To find out more about this movement, please check the @ciptadent Instagram account, Moms.

 3. Pay Attention to Appearance  

Finally, the last self-care that can make Moms more productive and free from stress is to pay attention to appearance. For example, by shopping for items such as make-up tools, skincare, clothes, or other things that make moms happy. It is because having a different and well-groomed look can make you more confident again. Well, to be confident, the entire body must be maintained and cared for, moms, both from the hair, face, and even the appearance of the teeth. When it comes to the appearance of your teeth, surely you don't want it if you have yellow teeth, right? You don't need to worry, there is a simple way you can do to make your teeth appear whiter and healthier, that is by using Ciptadent Maxi White toothpaste which can help restore the natural white color of your teeth and keep your teeth healthy. Ciptadent Maxi White contains Power White which is clinically tested, so it is proven to clean teeth and gums well. So, your appearance will look better and can make you feel confident again. 

Those are some simple self-care ways that you can try at home so that you don't get stressed/burn out and become more productive. Remember, Moms, loving yourself is very important to create a happier and healthier life in every aspect of life. I hope you are always in a good condition and keep the spirit!