Let's Try How to Wear a Simple and Easy Pashmina Hijab for Beginners!
26 April 2024

The pashmina hijab is popular for its versatility, allowing for various styles due to its long shape and adjustable material. Its flexibility makes it ideal for new hijab wearers to explore different styles comfortably.

For those new to the world of hijab, here's a tutorial on wearing a pashmina hijab:

1. Simple Pashmina Hijab Layer

You can try this style with a silk or chiffon pashmina hijab. Here's how:

  • Wear an inner hijab.
  • Place the pashmina over your head, ensuring one side is longer.
  • Adjust the veil over your face comfortably and secure with a pin.
  • Bring the longer side of the pashmina over the head, pinning it securely.
  • Adjust the front of the pashmina to cover the chest neatly.

2. Needle-free Pashmina Hijab

This casual and simple style is perfect for quick wear. Use a rayon or pleated pashmina hijab:

  • Wear an inner hijab.
  • Place the pashmina over your head with both sides equal in length.
  • Cross both sides at the back.
  • Tie both sides and adjust the front.

3. Knot Pashmina Hijab

This practical and simple style requires an inner hijab and a pin. Use a pleated pashmina hijab:

  • Wear an inner hijab.
  • Drape the pashmina over your head with both sides even.
  • Fold one side and secure with a pin.
  • Take the back of the pashmina to the top of your head and tie it with a loose knot.
  • Arrange the folds neatly.

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After following this tutorial, continue practicing and experimenting with other styles. Good luck!