How to Have a Beautiful Hair Like Shampoo Ad Model in the Morning
11 January 2021

Having beautiful, healthy, shiny and smooth hair is everyone's dream, especially for women. The most unreal thing is when you wake up, your hair looks like the one in shampoo ads! Are you the one who craves it? So, here are some tips that you can try to get beautiful loose hair like a shampoo ad model.

1. Use sheets with the right material

Many people are still not aware of this one, actually this is an important thing! The use of bed sheets and pillowcases will affect the appearance of your hair the next day. Choose a sheet made of silk and avoid using cotton, because it will make your hair dry and the result will be tangled tomorrow morning. As an alternative, you can also try satin sheets.

2. Tie your hair

If you usually let loose your hair while sleeping try it now so that tomorrow morning your hair will be easier to manage. Try a bun hair model to get results like a shampoo ad model the next morning. One thing to remember is that you should tie your hair not too tightly because it will make you uncomfortable and even dizzy the next morning.

3. Braid your hair

Another way is by braiding your hair to get beautiful loose hair in the morning, like a shampoo ad model. Try braiding it before going to bed and of course when your hair is dry, it's quite a simple braid.

4. Wash your hair with Shampoo and Conditioner

Your simplest hair care products like shampoo will also affect the appearance of your hair the next day. You don't need to hesitate anymore to try Serasoft Serum Shiny Black Shampoo and Conditioner which contains DGA serum. This serum from Japan nourishes hair 5 times faster from the roots, stems and ends of the hair. In addition, SerasoL Serum Shiny Black Shampoo is also combined with the natural ingredients of Black Sesame, which can make your hair look shiny black and easily managed, even though you just wake.