Want to go out during the New Normal? Here are 5 guides you should follow to keep you safe.
28 August 2020

Starting from May 2020, the New Normal protocol has been applied in several areas in Indonesia. This means that most of public activities that had been stopped due to COVID-19 will start running again as usual. Several shopping centers, schools, and offices have also started to open and you are allowed to go out and do activities outside as usual. Although, some of your favorite hangout places have been opened and you can't wait to meet your friends, there are 5 activity guides you need to follow to keep you safe during the New Normal:

    1. Wear a mask

One of the things that you should never forget whenever you want to go out or do outdoor activities during the New Normal is wearing a mask. A 3-layer cloth mask could be your reliable protector to prevent the COVID-19 virus transmission in public transportations, offices, and other public places. Make sure you have more than one mask in your bag, so you can change the used one immediately when needed.

    2. Bring your hand sanitizer

Although you are advised to wash your hands in running tap water and soaps to prevent exposures to COVID-19, sometimes, it’s hard to find hand sinks and you barely wash your hands when you’re in the middle of something. Well, this hand sanitizer could be the alternative to keep your hands clean and hygienic. So please, always bring your hand sanitizer.

    3. Bring your own helmet

For those of you, ojek online users, you need to prepare your own helmet for your very own usage. We never know whether the helmet provided by the ojek driver is safe from coronavirus. Hence, the best way to prevent yourself from being exposed is to bring your own helmet that you can always keep clean by washing it regularly.

    4. Switch to cashless payment method

As we know, banknotes and coins have the potential to be a place for viruses and bacteria to stay. So, it’s very recommended to switch your payment method to cashless transactions to avoid being exposed to the COVID-19 virus. You can use the online wallet or electronic money to make payments when you are using ojek online, MRT, KRL, shopping, etc.

    5. Keep your social distance

Well, this one is the most important thing to do during The New Normal. The New Normal doesn't mean you can stop doing physical distancing when you are outside. Please keep paying attention to the distance between yourself and the people around you and avoid making physical contacts such as shaking hands, hugs, especially cheek-kiss greetings! Unconsciously, things that felt harmless before the COVID-19 pandemic could be dangerous in this new normal period because they have the potential to spread the virus.


Those are the 5 guides you should follow to keep you safe while going out during the New Normal. Even though you really miss your family or closest friends and you really want to meet them, don't forget that the COVID-19 virus is still around you. Therefore, you still need to be extra careful. Now, to complete your preparations to going out again, don't forget to use POSH Body Spray Girl Summer Love with a long-lasting refreshing fruity fragrance! It’s Odour-Fighting Active content keeps you away from bad odors throughout the day. Face the new normal with POSH! Let’s make your move. It’s now or never!