The New Ciptadent Maxi 12 Plus with Enamelock, a Protection for Your Family Dental Health
12 September 2020

Having sweet snacks feels really good and relaxing to do while you're working and lounging at home. Usually, people have that habit in excuse to be more enthusiastic and productive to do our daily work and also it’s helping us to be more relaxed after a stressful and hectic day at work. What usually happens is that all of a sudden we crave something sweet and think of a donut topped with melted chocolate and end up buying it in the middle of the night.

Actually, it doesn't matter if you want to snack on donuts or other sweet treats – as long as the leftovers don’t stick in our teeth for too long. Brush your teeth immediately after eating sweet foods, especially at night before going to bed. If you forget to brush your teeth, the sugar that left on teeth can combine with saliva and bacteria in the mouth and leads to plaque. Untreated plaque buildup can dissolve enamel and leads to cavities. Surely you don’t want to endure that annoying tooth pain, right?

To coincide with National Dental Health Day that take place on September 12, Ciptadent would like to invite you and your family to be more aware and pay more attention to oral and dental health, especially during the current pandemic. Overall body health starts with good oral health conditions. You can start with simple things like always brush your teeth after eating sweet foods, especially at night before bed time. What happens if you forget to brush your teeth? The bacteria in your mouth will turn leftover food on your teeth into acids that can damage your teeth.

When it comes to mouth and teeth protection, you can trust the new Ciptadent Maxi 12 Plus toothpaste with Enamelock formula that can protect tooth enamel from acids that cause cavities. No more cavities caused by sweet foods, the new Ciptadent Maxi 12 Plus toothpaste with Enamelock is ready to protect you and your family teeth.

Ciptadent also wants to introduce Ussy Sulistiawati and Andhika Pratama’s family as Ciptadent Brand Ambassadors. There will be a lot of informations of how to maintain good oral health, which will be delivered by this family and Ciptadent. Stay tuned for the latest information from Ussy & Andhika’s social media and Ciptadent’s official account and website.

If you want to try the new Ciptadent Maxi 12 Plus with Enamelock, it’s available online at JD.ID and offline at your nearest convenience stores.

Take a good care of your oral health for a better tomorrow!