Keep Your Body Fit, Not Only for Social Media
23 September 2020

Let’s talk about self-branding on social media and the way we create contents to show our followers what we want them to see.

One interesting topic to be discussed here is : Do you exercise for your body fitness or merely for your social media imagery?

Actually, working out for the sake of content is not a bad thing. In fact, this could be the beginning of your new workout journey. This can also be your new routine as long as you’re doing it consistently.

But how to set your mind and how to commit to taking exercise seriously? You need to remember these 3 things:

First, you have to know what kind of exercise that you really like and enjoy. That way, you’re really doing it for you and not imitating what your friends do.

Secondly, determine your goals and objectives. You have to realize that the benefits of exercise are to keep your body healthy and fit. So, your goal in exercising is to achieve and get those benefits, not only for likes and approval by your social media audience.

Thirdly, set a target and do more. You can set your targets gradually, starting with simple ones. For example, by 3 months of exercising, you have to see a significant improvement in your body strength and endurance (not get tired easily). After that, you can set the next target and so on. Having targets will motivate you to exercise regularly.

Also, don’t forget to wash your hair after exercising. Exercising can build up sweat and your scalp needs a good scrub. Wash your hair with ZINC Refreshing Cool to restore freshness. The Complex ZINC PT-O serum can make your hair free from dandruff.

Let’s start exercising regularly for your body, yourself, and not only for social media imagery!