If You’re Being Someone Else, Who’s Gonna Be You?
23 September 2020

“Hey can you retake the video, I didn’t look nice

Do you often hear that sentence? or maybe, you used to say it yourself?

In today's age of social media, many people are trying to impress others by creating a persona which maybe is not who they are in real life. They are trying to meet social standards of beauty, fashion, or lifestyle. They think and feel that it’s ok to become someone else and not being their true self, because it will give them satisfaction by receiving likes and followers which they think it’s a sign of approval.

This situation can negatively affect mental health, relationships, and the quality of life.

Instead of being someone else, live up to your potential and be proud of who you are. That way, you’ll be happier because you don’t have to worry about pleasing other people and you don’t put pressure on yourself to be something that you are not.

Here are some tips to make you ‘do more’ to be yourself!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing your life with others won’t do any good. It will make you lose your confidence and takes your eyes off your goals. Also, it will cause you to feel not good enough about everything because there will always be someone who looks happier, wealthier, healthier, and more successful.

2. Do what you love and what you passionate about

Find out who’s your role model and what things that you like about them. Also, find out what are the things that inspires you. Maybe it’s their intelligence or their skills, and those things will help you to identify your values in doing what you love. Explore and discover your potential, not just imitating what other people like to do.

3. Be true to yourself

Sometimes, it’s totally normal to feel sad, confused, and angry. We are humans. Everything doesn’t need to look perfect in social media. But it’s important to express yourself mindfully, you have control in using your words and showing your expressions.

Find your courage and be your true self. It’s also takes confident to stay true to yourself. Feel good and look good by washing your hair with ZINC Clean Active by LION JAPAN, its Complex ZINC PT-O serum can make your hair free from dandruff.

Last but not least, Zinc wants you to remember this quote;

Happiness will only come to those who are true to themselves

So, let's do more on positive things that make us happy!