These 4 Habits Make Hijab Hair Easily Limped
06 April 2023

For women with hijab hair, it is necessary to pay attention to the scalp and healthy hair. Because of the risks of limp hair, until some damage occurs, it could be lurking at any time. Is it really that bad? Yes, those risks can arise from habits that you do not realize you always do every day. Let's check out these 4 habits that make your hijab hair so easy to plump!

1. No Washing Routine

Hair covered in hijab does not mean that it is protected from exposure to dirt or pollution, you know! Instead, hair needs to be regularly shampooed every day to clean the scalp and hair  from sweat. Because clogged sweat can have an impact on the condition of hair that is plump to lose volume.

2. Wearing the Hijab While the Hair is Still Wet

A big mistake is if you still often wear hijab in a state of hair that has not been completely dry. Wet hair wrapped in a hijab has a moist impact and raises the risk of loss. Let's set the time so you won't be too rushed to dry your hair to get ready to go.

3. Tying Hair or Wearing too Tight Inner Hijab

Pressure that is too tight and carried out for a long duration causes your hair to be difficult to breathe. Eventually, the hair becomes limp and loses its strength until it finally becomes damaged! Loosen your hair ties and choose loose knit pieces to stay comfortable during use.

4. Choosing Wrong Shampoo

Some of the ingredients in certain shampoo products may contain ingredients that are not needed for your scalp and hair. The incorrect choice of shampoo finally makes the hair hijab so damaged.

Emeron Hijab Shampoo Clean and Fresh is one of a series of special hijab shampoos that have been specially formulated for your hijab hair. With a quick-drying formula perfected with Japanese technology, Active Provit Amino, Argan Oil and enriched natural Tea Tree Oil ingredients provide freshness for your beautiful hijabi hair to avoid plump, musty and fresh smells throughout the day.

Well, from these four points, which one do you still unknowingly do? Come on, Girls start fixing your bad habits and start taking care of your hijab hair by shampooing every day using Emeron Shampoo Hijab Clean and Fresh.