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We always strive to innovate, to create products that improve our daily lives and having a good impact on environment


Lionwings manufactures with all the latest technologies with strict quality standards, to ensure the best is given to our customers

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We strive to keep our brands close to community, to connect and engage with all consumers worldwide

We are a consumer goods company that produce a high qualities and affordable products for all elements of society. Find out more about us

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We are committed to produce international quality products affordable for all Indonesian Customer

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Ajak Si Kecil Merawat Gigi Sejak Dini Yuk, Moms!
20 October 2020
Pada dasarnya anak membutuhkan gigi yang sehat dan kuat. Namun, anak – anak biasanya lebih menyukai konsumsi makanan manis yang dapat membuat gigi susu ...
Ingin Tampil Minimalis Tapi Tetap Fashionable? ...
20 October 2020
Tampil fashionable nggak selalu berarti style lo harus penuh dengan warna dan aksesoris, kok. Dengan penampilan minimalis pun lo bisa tetap terlihat kece dan ...
Lagi Jenuh Berolahraga? Simak Tips Supaya Olahraga...
20 October 2020
Konsisten dalam berolahraga memiliki banyak manfaat, contohnya kebugaran tubuh dan berat badan ideal. Sayangnya, menjaga mood baik untuk rajin berolahraga, ...
If You’re Being Someone Else, Who’s Gonna Be ...
23 September 2020
“Hey can you retake the video, I didn’t look nice”

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