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We always strive to innovate, to create products that improve our daily lives and having a good impact on environment


Lionwings manufactures with all the latest technologies with strict quality standards, to ensure the best is given to our customers

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We strive to keep our brands close to community, to connect and engage with all consumers worldwide

We are a consumer goods company that produce a high qualities and affordable products for all elements of society. Find out more about us

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We are committed to produce international quality products affordable for all Indonesian Customer

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5 traditional games with many benefits for your ...
22 August 2022
In today's technology era, many children spend a lot of time in front of the screen. Therefore, it is important for parents to introduce and teach traditional ...
Heat Rash in infants, 1 in 4 skin problems that ...
11 July 2022
Children, especially infants and toddlers, often get skin problems, one of which is heat rash in babies. In order for Moms to cope and prevent it well, Kodomo's ...
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11 July 2022
A few months ago, Indonesia was again shocked by a mysterious disease better known as acute hepatitis. Therefore, it is important for Moms to know the symptoms of...
ZINC Excitement at Now Playing Festival
27 June 2022
One sentence for the Now Playing Festival, SO EXCITING GUYS! What activities are there at the ZINC booth? Is it just a regular sponsor? And what are they?

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