4 Tips to Make Kids Love Bath Time
03 July 2020

It is indeed not an easy task to look after children while they study at home. There are challenges that Moms must face when taking care of the little one. One of them is looking for ways to make the kids loves bath time so they’ll remain eager to study at home. If children often refuse to take a bath, it can have an impact on their health. In fact, it is feared that it could become a bad habit later on. Familiarize the little one to shower twice a day, to removes any bacteria from the skin and protect the body from disease and infection.

But you might be wondering how to make kids love bath time, especially during this pandemic, it’s important to maintain cleanliness. Don’t worry moms, here are the tips:

1. Make sure the water is not cold

Cold water can be one of the reasons why children don’t like to take a shower. Don’t be mistaken, cold shower is also beneficial for health. Actually, both cold and warm water have their own benefits. But to make children feel more comfortable to have a shower, it’s important to mix both water and keep a safe temperature (comfortably warm).

2. Play in the shower

The other way to make children more excited to have a shower is to make some fun simple activity. You can also let them bring their mini toys that’s safe to play with water, for example you can bring rubber duck, fishing games, etc. This tips will make bathing is more fun for children and later they won’t hesitate to have a bath anymore.

3. Use bubbles

Use bubbles that Moms can get from shampoo or soap. Moms can make your child to take a bath with Kodomo Bodywash with Bubble Stick Strawberry. The fragrance is so fresh and the little one likes it very much. Kodomo Bodywash packaging is also unique, equipped with bubble stick bottle caps. Children will always be clean so that they are free from disease because Kodomo Bodywash contains anti-bacteria, vitamin E, and Moisturizer for the Little One’s skin. Moms can invite children to play bubbles while bathing it so that they feel happy and their body will be clean from dirt.

Playing bubbles is a fun way for kids to do while having a bath. For moms, you can use Kodomo Bodywash for your kids. Kodomo Bodywash has four variants and comes with a bubble stick on the bottle cap, perfect for your kids entertainment. In addition to that, all Kodomo Bodywash fragrance are so fresh and have fruits aroma. Also, it contains anti-bacteria, vitamin E, and moisturizer that will leave your kids’ skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

4. Give them advice patiently

In giving advice and asking your children to take a shower, Moms need to do it slowly and patiently without scaring them away. You can use stories and their favorite cartoon characters to give a good example and to persuade your children to have a bath.

Moms, make your little one's bathing moments more enjoyable and a healthy and fresh body will always be obtained!